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After working at Yahoo! and Tumblr for roughly half of my engineering career, I have had many experiences for which I am thankful. I’ve met many a person who I would now call family, been inspired by and worked with some of the greatest minds in tech, and contributed to some of the most amazing projects.

Learning of the merger, I wanted to come up with something to truly show my eternal thanks to both companies who have been so instrumental in my career. I brain stormed with many people and ultimately came up with this idea. What better way to say Thank You than to literally have it tattooed on ones back? Go big or go home, right? Fuck Yeah!!

Scheming with some of my awesome coworkers, we delayed my one year (at Tumblr) anniversary announcement a week so I could make this happen. At the last minute I was thankfully able to get a t-shirt printed (thanks T-Shirt Express!!) which was just the right level of icing (peanut butter flavored? I guess, haha) to top this off.

I’ll have more of the shirts next week, but if you want to rock a tank and can deal with men’s larges, let me know!

Fuck Yeah!

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